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Iron deficiency, which causes anemia, is the most prevalent nutritional disorder in the world. Approximately 30% of the world’s population is iron deficient, which results in increased maternal mortality and infant loss, impaired growth and cognitive development, and decreased immune response. In addition,  iron deficiency is a global problem for the growth of major crops grown in calcareous soils. Our mission is to understand how plants respond to iron deprivation with the long term goal of producing plants with enhanced nutritional capacity and tolerance of nutrient-poor soils, thus increasing our ability to address global nutritional needs.

Long Lab News

  • Congratulations to Anna Matthiadis for successfully defending her doctoral thesis and graduating December 15th! Best of luck with your new postdoc position  Dr. Matthiadis!

  • The Long Lab says goodbye to Dr. Devarshi Selote and Dr. Jeff Gillikin and welcomes Imani Madison. Best of luck Dev and Jeff  in your new positions! Welcome Imani!
  • Congratulations to Rozalynne Samira for graduating May 13, 2017! Best of luck with your new postdoc postion Dr. Samira!
  • January 2017: More than meets the eye: Emergent properties of transcription factors networks in Arabidopsis was published in Biochim Biophys Acta!
  • December 2016: Congratulations to Rozalynne Samira for successfully defending her doctoral thesis!
  • August 2016: Further insight into BRUTUS domain composition and functionality was published in Plant Signaling and Behavior.
  • August 2016: Congratulations to Blake Oakley for being nominated as Donald Danforth Plant Science Center’s Outstanding Intern of the Year for his work as an REU student this summer!
  • May 2016: Celebrating the graduation of Nyd Sertsuvalkul:
  • May 2016: Congratulations to Nyd Sertsuvalkul for being given the Plant Biology Undergraduate Outstanding Academic Achievement Award and to Blake Oakley for being awarded the Larry A. Whitford Botany Scholarship!
  • March 2016: Congratulations to Rozalynne Samira for winning Third Place Life Sciences Poster at the Graduate Student Research Symposium!
  • January 2016: Congratulations to Rozalynne Samira and Anna Matthiadis for being awarded ASPB Travel Grants to attend the ASPB Meeting in Austin, Texas this July!
  • December 2015: Congratulations to Nyd Sertsuvalkul for being awarded a NCSU Undergraduate Research Grant to continue research with Durreshahwar Muhammad in the Spring!
  • August 2015: Clustering and Differential Alignment Algorithm: Identification of Early Stage Regulators in the Arabidopsis thaliana Iron Deficiency Response was published in PLOS ONE.
  • March 2015: Congratulations to Anna Matthiadis for receiving a NAASC ECR travel award to attend ICAR 2015 in Paris, France!
  • April 2015: Undergraduates Nyd Sertsuvalkul and Meg Guadagnino presented posters at the 24th Spring Undergraduate Research Symposium.
  • January 2015: Iron-binding E3 ligase mediates iron response in plants by targeting basic helix-loop-helix transcription factors was published in Plant Physiology.
  • July 2014: Congratulations to Rozalynne Samira for her poster award at the 2014 BioMetals Symposium in Durham, NC!
  • July 2014: Congratulations to Durreshahwar Muhammad for receiving a NAASC URM travel award to attend ICAR 2014 in Vancouver, Canada!