Plant Biology Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate major in Plant Biology provides classroom, laboratory, and field experience in the major subdisciplines of plant biology. See links below for general requirements and for suggested curricula in the major interest areas:

Double majors
The Plant Biology curriculum offers flexibility, allowing for students to double major in Plant Biology and other life science disciplines such as Biology or Biochemistry. There are also opportunities for jointly majoring in Plant Biology and the Humanities such as through the Jefferson Scholars program. Please contact the department’s undergraduate coordinator, Dr. Chad Jordan, for information on double majors.

Why major in Plant Biology?
The department offers small class size and personalized attention to its majors. Students have the opportunity to meet and interact with Departmental faculty. As part of their degree program, Plant Biology majors work one-on-one with faculty and graduate students to obtain teaching or research experience. Click here to learn more about faculty research programs. Fellowships for student research are available through the Chilton Undergraduate Research Award. Do you want to know more about what our majors think of the department and their degree experience? Click here to see responses to exit interviews with our graduating seniors.

What will I do when I graduate?
Graduates find employment as researchers in academic, government, or industrial labs, as field botanists and naturalists in state and national parks, and as employees of environmental, educational, or public service organizations. Majors are also well prepared for professional schools (medical, dental) and graduate school in biological, molecular, and environmental sciences.

Plant Biology Club
The undergraduate Plant Biology Club fosters social and scientific interactions between departmental majors.  The club has outside speakers on topics related to plants, careers, internships, etc. and sponsors many activities of interest to the students. The undergraduate majors view the club experience as an integral part of the Plant Biology major.

Other links of interest: