Plant Biology Graduate Program

Graduate Research Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to conduct research in diverse areas of contemporary plant biology including plant genomics, gene regulation and silencing, signal transduction, cell biology, developmental biology, metabolism, plant-microbe interactions, paleobotany, physiological ecology, plant community ecology, conservation biology, and biology of aquatic and wetland ecosystems. Prospective students are encouraged to review information on faculty research programs, available through the Faculty list or by discipline on our Research page, and to contact faculty in areas of interest. A 2-page graduate recruitment flyer with this information is also available here.


The Graduate Curriculum provides a basic introduction to the two sub-disciplinary divisions in the department, Ecology and Biodiversity, and Cell and Molecular Biology, and is described on pages 12 – 16 of the Graduate Student Handbook. Students design their research project and course work in association with their major advisor and advisory committee. The department encourages interdisciplinary education, and some students elect to work under the joint supervision of faculty in Plant Biology and in other, related departments. Faculty who are associate members of Plant Biology can also serve as a major advisor for plant biology graduate students. A list of courses offered by the department can be found here.

Minor in Plant Biology

Graduate students in other degree programs may obtain a minor in Plant Biology after declaring the minor to the Director of Graduate Programs, including the minor on the plan of work submitted to the graduate school and completing the following requirements:

  • One member of the student’s thesis advisory committee must be a graduate faculty member from the Department of Plant Biology.
  • The student must complete one of the two required Plant Biology courses (PB 795F – PLANT FORM AND FUNCTION or PB 595E – PLANT FUNCTIONAL ECOLOGY) plus six other hours of PB coursework at or above the 500 level with a grade of B or above.

Financial support for graduate education

Graduate students in the department are supported through a variety of sources including departmental Research and Teaching Assistantships (RA/TA), faculty grants, or through interdisciplinary training grants.

Application Information

For more information concerning applying for graduate work in Plant Biology please contact Dr. Larry Blanton, Director of Graduate Programs.


Resources for Graduate Study